Andy griff
Andy Griff
Graphic designer & Calligrapher
Hryvennyi Andrii is a Graphic Designer & Calligrapher based in Kyiv, Ukraine with a strong focus on immersive and minimal design in digital and real worlds. He works with agencies, startups, companies & Individuals around the World.
20+ years of experience
Featured projects
(01) Logotypes
Highlights of cases that I passionately built with clients over the years.
ABC Class Company
ABC Class Company
Avicenna Medical Center
Aru Beauty Salon
Amur Clothing Store
Ananel Furniture Store
Art Spectr advertising Company
Architectural design company Arch sector
Astana Construction Company
Alas Tour Travel Company
(02) Calligraphy
Monogram of the letters A, A, M, F
Monogram of the letters E, N, E
Monogram of the letters M, K
The brand name of the Talisman jewelry store
Gody art brand name
Monogram of the letters L, T
The spelling of Shezhere, the family tree
The signature spelling of Cafe «Blues»
The brand name of the «Phad Thai» restaurant
The brand name of the company «Rabat»
The corporate spelling of the creative association «Avec Toi»
The brand name of the company «El-Kuat»
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I’m dedicated to crafting the perfect visual identity for you.
Andrii Hryvennyi
Graphic designer & Calligrapher
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